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​Elden Ring Theory: Loretta was an albinauric

Apr-13-2022 PST Elden Ring

Although this theory isn't specific, there are a number of instances of evidence that support the idea. I'll give them a list of my opinion as the most convincing evidence for the weakest.

1. She was determined to find an area of safety for Albinaurics. Albinaurics are a petty nuisance. Albinaurics were generally disregarded by the public and we're not given any reason why she should care about them. Except for an investment in her own that is of the same kind.

2. She was a queen night for Caria and we are aware that the Caria house Caria are less exclusive in their conception of non-human races than other races. The quote taken from troll sword of the knight "the the trolls get treated like real knights of Caria and are able to are able to fight side by side with human comrades." It suggests that Caria would not have a problem engaging an Albinauric.

3. After taking in the direction of the Albinaurics towards Miquella's Haligtree she changed her allegiance between Caria towards Miquella and got the glentstone of her staff replaced by unalloyed gold (source Loretta's War Glaive). With Miquella's mission of providing shelter to creatures that are feared, it is logical to change her allegiance to someone who would safeguard her people.

4. Her sorcery Loretta's excellent bow is her favorite weapon. Albinauric women appear to be attracted to archery, as shown by Latenna as well as the archers in Ordina. It's also an odd point to make since the fact that both boss fights she mostly uses her eye.

5. 5 Albinaurics cannot use their legs , and we never witness them riding their horses.

6. Her shield states it was "absurd notion about Loretta herself is an Albinauric." I'm aware that this could be the most controversial of the evidences since it seems to directly state the contrary to my belief. The descriptions of the items within Elden Ring don't always give the complete story, and can are humorous in their tone. The usage of "absurd" is to me an unorthodox word be using and it was actually the description of the item that inspired me to develop this theory , whatever it is worth.

7. Latenna 7 and Latenna Loretta have very similar sounds and there's a tendency of naming characters that are related to each other in the game that have similar names. This is the weakest link, if I'm honest but I'd like to bring this up.

Thank you for taking the time to read! If anyone has any additional proof to back the theory or disproves it I'd like to hear about the facts! And buy Elden Ring RunesElden Ring Items from MMOep now, get off and safe.