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​D2R - A survey ahead of 2.4 release

Apr-13-2022 PST Diablo II Resurrected

Hey everyone,

As you likely be aware, 2.4 releases on Thursday this week and the ladder season set to begin two weeks later on April 28th.

What I'm most interested in is:

1. What was your primary goal between the launch of D2R to now, and at how did you get to the next level?

2. What was the most rare non-rune thing you've have found?

3, What was the best rune you came across?

4. Did you discover a number of items that you've previously only seen a handful of or other objects that were not found even though you've seen them numerous time in LoD D2?

5, What are your plans for the D2R ladder season one with?

6. Which of the "new designs" interest you the most?

I'll begin (obviously! ):

1 I played a blizz/fball game on Sorc. I'm a console gamer and Meteor is a challenge to master, in any way, let alone use it effectively. However, I've used Fball/blizz on LoD before, so it's not something new, especially. I'm currently on 92 . I was taking a long Pause around mid-to-late November and then play games that have been are released.

2. It's difficult to decide I found IK armor from the pits. I know that it's a set item however the base is scarce, and rolling a set, too I'd say it's fairly uncommon.

3. I discovered two runes of cham within a couple weeks of one another. The first one made me feel an adrenaline rush due to the fact that it's rare but it's quite useless in the current version of the game. It was disappointed as I was looking for any other HR , other than Vex as well as Zod and it was as if the game was trying to annoy me somewhat.

4, Not the most rare of things, but I discovered an abundance of Lightsabres and Burizas sufficient to outfit an armoured force. It's a bit puzzling to me that I've not yet discovered titans or shako that I usually come across during the same period of time.

5, As much as it's irritating 5As annoying as it is, it'll likely be similar to the blizz/fball src. Teleport is too powerful in the early ladders to choose a different spec. I may choose forb over Blizz but I'm not certain at the moment.

6. I like that idea of running an Bowazon and again, or perhaps an martial arts-based Assassin.

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